Welcome to Select Sweeping Service

Welcome to Select Sweeping Service

About Us

About Us


We are Fresno, CA based street sweeping company.  We currently maintain and operate a fleet of CDL size mechanical broom street sweepers.  We are a customer centric company and wish to serve our clients in a competent and professional manner.

Types of Sweeping

Construction Cleanup Sweeping


We can complete street sweeping services for your construction site cleanup.  Whether it be onsite for the full day or after shift, we are your source.

Scheduled Community Sweeping


If your gated community needs a trustworthy and competent street sweeping service, please give us a call.

Industrial Site Sweeping


We are available for your one-time or scheduled service of your industrial sites.

Certifications Held


A Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) embraces the science of surface erosion and sediment control. This practice also specializes in the study and subsequent reduction of the adverse effects of environmental pollutants, whether natural or manmade, as it relates to soil, water, and air.


Identifying Professionals with a Comprehensive Knowledge & Understanding of Erosion, Sediment and Stormwater Regulations. Certified Inspectors are recognized by state and federal regulators as qualified professionals in their field. On many jobs and in many specifications CESSWI Certification is a requirement.


Qualified SWPPP Developer – is the person responsible for developing and keeping the SWPPP up‐to‐date.

Qualified SWPPP Practitioner  ‐ is the person responsible for implementing the SWPPP, conducting BMP inspections, maintaining BMPs, water quality sampling, and other general compliance oversight at the project site.

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